Science and Faith

Science has never been more influential in our world. Technology is completely ingrained into our daily lives, and many of the biggest issues facing society in the next hundred years - climate change, artificial intelligence, bioethics - revolve around science. If the Church wants to play an active role in society, we need to be scientifically literate. 


By way of an introduction, this is one of my favorite clips relating to science and faith. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York and a leading astrophysicist, talks about the nature of the universe. He is an agnostic, but his language reminds us that both science and faith draw upon similar ideas of curiosity, awe, wonder, and mystery.


Recommended science and faith organizations

There are many voices attempting to shape how the Church relates to science, but not all have the same levels of scientific credibility. I've chosen my favorite groups, which help Christians fit science into their faith.


recommended science and faith reading

Science and faith are each massive publishing areas, but it is not always easy to find books that credibly and thoughtfully engage with both at the same time. I've highlighted some of the best.


role models

Although it can feel like most people fight about science and religion, there are a handful of people whose lives are counter-examples. 



People have been implementing science into Christianity as long as science has existed. I've collected a few of my favorite pieces of wisdom.