I am preparing to launch a podcast on science and faith called "Atom and Eve," and I would love to hear any suggested topics or questions. Please submit your ideas using the About tab. Here are a few of my drafted episodes:


General Science and Faith topics:

  • The Science and Faith Hall of Fame (Mirroring Hebrews 11's "Faith Hall of Fame")

On science:

  • How does science work? The Scientific Method and Peer Review
  • Climate Change, part 1: What we know
  • Climate Change, part 2: Natural disasters
  • Climate Change, part 3: Why Christians should care
  • Climate Change, part 4: What you can do
  • Climate Change, bonus 1: How do we know about past weather / climate / temperatures?
  • Climate Change, bonus 2: The "hockey stick" graph
  • Evolution, part 1: Natural Selection
  • Evolution, part 2: Genetics
  • Evolution, part 3: Fossils
  • Evolution, part 4: The Scopes Monkey Trial
  • CRISPR: The Genetic Toolkit
  • Vaccines and herd immunity
  • The Galileo Affair, part 1: Pre-Copernican astronomy
  • The Galileo Affair, part 2: The New Ideas of Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo
  • The Galileo Affair, part 3: A Short Trial with a Long Shadow
  • Elon Musk: A One-Man Revolution
  • Eugenics
  • Space: The Big Bang
  • Space: People to Mars?

On the Bible and Theology:

  • Genesis, chapter 1: A Spreadsheet theology
  • Genesis, chapters 2-3: Things get complicated
  • Should we take the Bible seriously, literally, or both?
  • How does the imago dei apply to an evolved species?
  • Is there science in the Bible?
  • Creation Care and Dominion in scripture
  • If humans are so important, why are we such a microscopic speck in the broader universe?

On Creation Care:

  • Q: What is styrofoam made of? A: Sin.

On Culture:

  • What does science say about modern gender issues like sexual orientation and identity?
  • How can science inform our engagement with mental illness?

For non-Christians:

  • Why do some Christians reject modern science?
  • Why do Christians care about the Bible anyway?


  • How do you talk to people you disagree with or dislike?
  • How do non-Christian faiths interact with science?
  • How would extra-terrestrial life affect theology?