As a science educator for Christians, the majority of questions I receive are about two topics: climate change and evolution. I've written a guide to climate change intended for people of any background, and am in the process of writing several more guides to evolution, the Big Bang, vaccines, and Genesis. I’m also beginning a series of devotionals based on science. Feel free to give suggestions or feedback in the contact box on my about page. 


Climate change: a guide for the perplexed

After receiving many questions about the topic, I wrote an introductory-level guide to climate change. It assumes no scientific background, and it’s ordered by topic so you can easily find what you’re looking for. If you don't believe in climate change, want to know more, or are just confused, this is for you.


Opinion Pieces


climate change is a gospel issue

After discussing the science and policy behind climate change, I wrote an opinion piece for Baptist News Global discussing the theological mandate to address climate change. In short, "Jesus didn’t say anything about climate change, but he said plenty about how we should care for those whom society would prefer to forget.


Don’t give up on climate change

When informed Christians ponder devastation from climate change that could affect millions – if not billions – of people for generations to come, it’s easy to lose hope for the future. But our actions still matter. We must not give up.

Science and Faith Devotionals